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Tipco IZZI 


Tipco had planned to launch their new fizzy product for urban working professionals in Thailand. The brief is to create its name, 

packaging design and key visual.


As the product has no complexity, just real fizzy goodness(Just fresh fruit juice + sparkling water), the campaign that will shift the paradigm about beverage.
The most simple drink can be the most satisfy one. And it’s also the best choice for you and your health.

“Simple but Satisfying”

Social Media Posts

Client: Tipco

Agency: VaynerMedia APAC

Head of Creative: Pitha Udomkanjananan

Creative Director: Kanokporn Iao

Art Director: Nat Thongprasri

Designer: Mercy Phu

Logo & Packaging Designer: Nat Thongprasri

Copywriter: Khai Ratchatakittisuntorn & Natee Kangvankij

Production House: Dune Creative House

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