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MOOF AFRICA - Logo Design

I did a collaboration with an African organisation to design logo for 'MOOF Africa'. I got a brief to design the logo which got an inspiration from 'Mount Kenya', and I was requested to use colours of green, white, black and brown for the logo. In terms of style, the founder wants it to be fresh, modern and professional.

I researched about Mount Kenya shape and adapted it into a simple style. I add the sun above the mountain in order to make a balance on the picture (The sun symbolises agriculture and planting as well). Inside the mountain,   I illustrated shapes of hills and grass/water which got an inspiration from Kenya's traditional textile design. Regarding to the font, I used Avenir Roman and adjusted 'F' to make it relates to agriculture and farming. 


I disagree to use various colours for a modern design, therefore, I made these colours only for the colour identity(CI) of the brand and also added more colour which is 'yellow' to symbolise 'farming'. The logo can be coloured by this palette but should not be filled by all colours in order to remain modern and professional design. On the other hand, the design can be colourful if the brand wants it to be more playful, but the colours must be arrange as same as my condition(see the multi-coloured mockup below). The mood and tone of the colours that I chose are friendly in order to make audience feel comfortable. 

I divided the design into 3 types which are the main logo, sub logo and sub logo 2 for the various usages including platforms which have limited space.


However, this design is not used, so this is only a mock-up design for my portfolio and not allowed to be used in both non-commercial or commercial ways without my permission.

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