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The Yellow Flower 
Master Thesis

The Yellow Flower (2021) is a short animation illustrating the story of Hermaphine (They/Them/Their) who are       the only yellow flower in the town. Hermaphine are looking for a new cloth for their final job interview, will they find  a new suitable outfit? The plot will lead audience to non-binary/neutral ideas and of course, self-acceptance by using symbols; colours, flower and fashion.

Enjoy the Show !!
Create your own Yellow Flower!!
Extraordinary (click each to read the story)
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Produced by Mercy Phu

Directed by Mercy Phu

Story by Mercy Phu

Visual Art by Mercy Phu

Voiced by Mercy Phu and Alberto Mendez

Background Music by Stationery Sign, Christian Andersen and Roots and Recognition

Sound Effects by Epidemic Sound

Concept Consulted by Lecturers of MAIVM, University of the Arts London

Interactive Art Consulted by Delia Hamwood

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