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GOLDFISH : The Perception of Beauty
POSTER Goldfish

Goldfish : The perception of Beauty is the group exhibition collaborated by 5 young generation artists who make a concept questioning the relationship between goldfish and beauty in the society under the 5 different keywords; Desire, Reflection, Beauty Standard, Fictional Perfect and Innocent. The artworks consist video art, installation art, illustration/painting, interactive installation and performance art.

#WeAreAllGoldfish #GoldfishArtLondon

Saturday 7th March, 2020 (11am - 8pm)

At CAVE, 81 Tachbrook St, Lillington and Longmoore Gardens, London SW1V 2QP

Organised by Mercy Phu
Curated by Jun Xue

Artists : 
Mercy Phu
Yaqing Li
Jiahui Wang
Jun Xue
Ruoxi Ren

Inside The Goldfish Mirror, 2020
Inside The Goldfish Mirror , 2020

By Mercy Phu and Yaqing Li


Material/Technique : Video Art and Installation Art / Mirror, Wooden box and projector

Why do people want to be attractive? What happens if someone cannot reach society's beauty standards? The purpose of this work, "Reflection" is to make the audience reflect themselves about being beautiful, and society's expectation of beauty. The collection of speeches behind the beautiful goldfish are from many people from all over the world. The Goldfish is the beauty that everyone can see whereas the text represent hidden inner feelings. To find out who is behind these confessions, you can look in the mirror.

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