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ACNIFY GoBalance - Branding Design


To design logo, packaging and lifestyle contents for dietary supplement product for skin and acne problems.

The brand image has to portray beauty and organic elements. Furthermore, the client requested to add rice element which is one of active ingredients(Actrisave™) and also illustrates Thainess. 

Acnify: Go Balance - Innovated by Bionap lab located in Italy. Superfood blended mixtures will pack you with sufficient nutrients throughout the day. Orange Yuzu flavour is fresh and tasty with cold water. Go Balance blends include Actrisave™, Collagens, Prebiotics, Pomegranate Extract, Ginseng Extract, Ginkgo Leaf Extract, Dandelion Extract,

Gotu Kola Extract, and Green Tea Extract.

Big IdeaL

We are not your health doctor.

Yet we go along with you on every journey for you to shine and be

the better version of yourself.

We are packing you with the ‘Life Hack’ ingredients for your’s A game plan.

We  want to help you unleash your best performance for your health, beauty, and cognitive function, and other thing if we know.

We just want to see you succeed, stay healthy and reach your most ambitious goal.

We will help you and educate you with whatever you must need along your way.

Concept Design

Woman Painting Pottery
Varieties of Grain




Screenshot 2566-07-14 at 02.00.39.png

Logo Design

Rice Flower

A woody shrub prized for its uncommon beauty. Since the times of ancient Greece, the plant has been cherished for its “everlasting beauty,”; even it is dry, the beauty is remained. Like our brand, that helps people taking care of their health and beauty from inside to the outside everlastingly.


One of main Ingredients of

Acnify Go Balance, symbolises abundant.

Packaging Design
Screenshot 2566-07-26 at 23.16.04.png
Key Visual
Social Media Posts

Client: Acnify GoBalance

Art Director & Illustrator : Mercy Phu

Marketing Communication Pawit Pattananusorn


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